Research Groups

International Communication Research Group (ICRG) – The ICRG is a faculty/student collaborative research group that studies the relationships between communication and democracy in multiple contexts. With an initial focus on Latin America, this group has expanded its scope to include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Norway, South Korea and the United Kingdom, through a series of comparative collaborative research projects. Contact: Prof. Hernando Rojas

Qualitative Inquiry & Research – In this group, graduate students and faculty focus on qualitative inquiry into questions about journalism, mass communication and society. Meetings are devoted to providing intensive feedback on completed or in-progress papers, learning new research techniques and discussing innovative methodology from qualitative perspectives. Every aspect of the research process—from raw ideas and question framing to peer review and publication—is explored. Contacts: Profs. Lew Friedland, Hemant Shah, Sue Robinson and Lucas Graves

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